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CHESS CUSHION by PETUNIA BLOOM HOME exhibits an intelligent design featuring

the characteristics of old and new coming together in one fabric creating a sense of “soul” to the fabric featured on this cushion. A combination of chunky, characterful wool with the sensory softness of viscose sheen in a familiar chess patterned weave.

Face Cushion Content: 48% wool, 37% Viscose,11% Polyester,4% Cotton

Back side cushion: 66% Acrylic,34% Polyester


Available in 4 nature inspired colourways  

This cushion is beautifully finished and is sewn with an invisible zipper for easy removal of fill.

This cushion is made to order. Production lead time is 6 weeks.

White goose feather insert fill


15" x 24"  $315.00.PRE-ORDER

16" x 36"  $475 .00 PRE-ORDER

16" x 48". $486.00 PRE-ORDER

18" x 18"   $342.00 PRE-ORDER

20" x 20". $360.00 PRE-ORDER

22" x 22". 378.00.   PRE-ORDER

23" x 25" $387.00 PRE-ORDER

24" x 24" $395.00 PRE-ORDER

26" x 26". $429.00  PRE-ORDER

22" x 30". $594.00 PRE-ORDER

22" x 36". $625.00  PRE-ORDER



Pre Order sizes and colours are put into production as soon as we receive the order. Due to the lead times of materials your order may take 4-6 weeks before we are able to ship. We will advise a shipping notification when your order is ready.

    CHESS CUSHION IS NOT machine washable.

    Professionally Dry Clean Only

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