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With a foundation in Couture Fashion,  creator Evalina Schmidtke along-side partner and design duo Robert Sweep,  creatively express within residential furnishings.   Evalina is excited to  present to you PETUNIA BLOOM HOME. Here she introduces essential cushion classics in an abundance of colours, along with featured prints and textiles.   Using only the  best makers of  fabric   for   her   colourful   atelier made  cushions,   we present our   expression   of: 

"Living in Vivid Colour".

"Why have I chosen PETUNIA BLOOM HOME as our brand name, is a question I get asked frequently.  The answer is because I am inspired by the qualities that  petunias possess.  Petunias are one of the most abundantly growing flowers in Canada and grows easily in a wide range of conditions. Petunias start blooming early in spring and continue until the first frost.  Additionally, petunias are available in a multitude of colours and are seen in almost every garden.  Aside from this, they remind me of the colours of my childhood home garden and they make me happy when I see them.  Because of these qualities I have chosen PETUNIA BLOOM HOME as our name."


Evalina's earliest training began in 1984 in a skiwear manufacturers production floor, Sun Ice Ltd in Calgary, Alberta.  She spent 10 years learning production processes, pattern-making, and sportswear technical design, specializing in skiwear and mountaineering. Early on in her career, Evalina discovered a passion for hand skills. She directed her career pilgrimage to learn from the best-of-the-best in couture. After learning the specialized couture fitting processes by couturier Mithe De Fontenay, in 1994 she enrolled at the Ecole Broderie Lesage Paris after completing a seminar program for Haute Couture fashion at the Paris Fashion Institute, operated through Columbia University.  This experience left an indelible mark of appreciation of the true masters of couture and humble tradesmen and women in the world of style makers.


Imbued with her skills and experience, in 1996 she launched her own bridal collection under the name of Evalina Couture, selling her gowns to select bridal salons in the US and Canada including Bergdorf Goodman in New York and her intimate atelier salon in Calgary, Evalina Couture.  There, at her exquisite bridal salon, she presented her gowns to eagerly awaiting brides wishing to experience the beautiful couture process of having a custom fitted gown. 

Presently, with her husband Robert Sweep, they continue today to influence home style through their retail store and interior design firm ROBERT SWEEP HOME FURNISHINGS in Calgary Alberta.

PETUNIA BLOOM HOME brings the experience and expertise  of couture and interiors into one platform that   celebrates the artisans of  the world of textiles,  showcased through her atelier made cushions and artisan made interior furnishings.

- Evalina Schmidtke- 

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