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The scope of Interior Design Services that you require may encompass an entire home or perhaps just a room update. We tailor our services at PETUNIA BLOOM HOME to suit the scope of your residential project. We understand that not everybody is building a home from foundation up, and requiring the full orchestration of services, but may wish only to update a room or a beloved furniture piece. We would love to hear how we may assist you with your project. Please explore our range of services and we would be delighted to discuss how we may help you. Evalina Schmidtke Please contact us at


When you choose from our selection of furniture models, we will present to you an array of exquisite fabrics suitable for your bespoke space. Our custom upholstery services include an on-site visit where we discuss your design goals. Whether you are looking at new furnishings or you are revitalizaing a beloved piece with a fabulous new fabric, we will always work within your budget. Design fees are applicable.


Choosing drapery styles and the various window treatments can be a very overwhelming task. We will minimize the stress! Our design expertise can help you define the best choice in textile selection, the right window treatments for the room and your lighting and installation needs. Design fees are applicable


The colour options for your residence is foundational to your home and will effect the mood and light within every room. Light plays like a chameleon and can be fickle as it takes on different hues and tones within a colour family. Depending on the type of light and the time of day, the paint colour you choose can shift from one hue to another. These are considerations that our design team at PETUNIA BLOOM HOME will address and skillfully make selections. Perhaps an ambiant wall murual or wallpaper will be the design "je ne sais quoi" that you cannot define. Our experienced team at PETUNIA BLOOM HOME has the eye for defining a design element that you wish or proportion that you wish to spotlight. With our services you can have confidence that we will acheive your design goal. Design Fees are applicable.


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