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Favorite Video Podcast March 27, 2008

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My husband received an Apple TV for Christmas.  Recently, Ryan showed me that I could watch video podcasts on it if there was nothing on television.  First of all, I like all of Rick Steves’ products.  His travel guides are so good I like to read them for fun.  His website is amazing and offers some great resources if you are planning to travel overseas.  So…now I found his video podcast.  They are very short, but packed with information.  Many times, after traveling, I forget important names, dates, and details about places I have been or want to go.  This is a great way to refresh one’s memory or learn about new places.  If you have an Apple TV, simply search under podcasts for Rick Steves.  If you have I-Tunes, click here for directions on how to subscribe to Rick Steves’ video clips.


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