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Wasabi in Tulsa June 21, 2008

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Ryan and I have been eating at Asahi in Tulsa for two years. This new sushi place, Wasabi, opened across from Asahi on the other side of 71st. I got Ryan to take me there two weekends ago. When we walked in the wait staff looked familiar. Then we sat down and got our menus?wait?.. the menu items looked familiar as well. In fact, most of the menu items where the same as the ones at Asahi (but, the menu was way nicer)! We called over our waiter and asked what was going on. He had another lady come over to talk with us. This lady, in particular, had served us many times before at Ashai. She told us that the original owner of Asahi had sold the business six years ago to get more experience working at larger sushi restaurants. Then he decided to come back to Tulsa and start another sushi eatery. The atmosphere is great, every table gets Edamame before the meal (which I love), the place is super clean, the items we ordered were extremely fresh, the staff is more friendly at Wasabi than they are at Asahi, and my husband and I will keep going back.  You should try it for yourself!

This is the actual Sushi Bar.

This was my meal.  The unagi was amazing.

This was Ryan’s meal….well after he was almost done eating.  It was a ton of food, plus they gave us a free roll and a free appetizer.

The outside looks nice.


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Wasabi in Tulsa - NEW Tulsa Sushi Place on 71st | The Tulsa Food Blog Says:

[...] cleaner than Asahi, the menu items are fresher than those at Ashai, the staff is more friendly at Wasabi, and my husband and I will continue to go to [...]

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