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Sophie Loves Starbucks!! April 11, 2009

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Sophie knows when we are getting ready to go to Starbucks and trots out the door as if she is invited.  The strange thing is, she hates the car but loves going to Starbucks.  It is very short drive so that could be the reason.  The Baristas at Starbucks have told us several times, after seeing Sophie in the car with us, that the whipped topping makes a great treat for dogs.  So, feeling generous, we ordered our whipped cream on the side this morning.


The verdict….?


I think this goobery smiles says it all!


She demands more…


Lick, Lick, Lick Oh my.  Now we are off to take a walk on this beautiful day!


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MIMI Says:

Glad Sophie got out for a treat this morning. She looks much happier.

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