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Sophie got a haircut today! March 25, 2008

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Sophie’s haircut!  She is smiling for the picture.  When I took her in the stylist said she would probably have to shave the bottoms of Sophie’s ears because they were matted.  I felt horrible and assumed she would look hideous when I picked her up.  They got the mats out without shaving her and she looks beautiful!!  From now on, I will be combing Sophie’s ears with a comb every other day.  The stylist also said that the ears are extremely sensitive and you have to be very careful when trying to get mats out.  You can actually tear the ear skin apart if you aren’t careful.


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Sarah K Says:

love her haircut :)

Brian Mccullough Says:

Uncle Brian loves you Sophie honey : )

Hairstyles Watch Says:

You gotta love a good haircut. Makes you feel clean!

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