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Sophie enjoyed a chocolate-covered raisin! March 28, 2009

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Here is Sophie feeling tall on a mattress we had propped up on a wall!!100_0496

This week Sophie supposedly ate a chocolate covered raisin.  I did not see it with my own eyes, but my neighbor children said they saw Sophie eat it!  Raisins are very toxic to dogs.  Some dogs are immune, but you should never give you dog raisins or grapes.  And as you all know, dogs are not supposed to have chocolate.  I didn’t want to alarm my neighbors, so I played it off like it was no big deal.  When I got home, Sophie appeared fine but I decided to call the vet just in case.  I called the vet, and he said she should be fine if it was just one.  They told me to bring her in should she start vomiting, acting lathragic, or not acting like herself.

As you can tell, she survived…and enjoying life…a little too much…



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