Petunia Bloom July 22, 2008

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This past week, my mom came to visit and we rode our bikes a lot.  One day we rode all the way to the Jenks pedestrian bridge.  Another day we rode all the way past Broken Arrow on the Creek.  Anway, we wanted to know exactly how far we had ridden.  I found this site called that allows one to map the exact distance of a bike ride.  If you ride bikes, check out this site.  It is very helpful in earning bragging rights….  :)  A word of advice:  if you plan to take a 20+ mile ride, do not ride in the middle of the afternoon.  That is what my mom and I did and I got Heat Exhaustions which is not fun at all.

Here is the Jenks Pedestrian Bridge that we rode across.

This sign has some graffiti on it now.

This part of the trail is nice as it is shaded!!



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