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Go Green – Use Reusable Bags – Recycle Plastic Bags November 5, 2008

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Recently I decided to be more green and use reusable bags when doing my shopping.  Originally my thoughts were that it was more green and so I should do it even it was inconvenient.  Now, I feel inconvenienced if I forget my reusable bags.  During a typical week I can fit all my groceries into 2-3 reusable bags from Whole Foods as opposed to 15-20 plastic bags.  It is so much nicer carrying up 2-3 reusable bags that I don’t have to worry about tearing and that fit over my shoulder than 15-20 plastic bags.

Jazzercise put out some statistics:

  • 14 plastic bags contain enough petroleum to drive a car one mile
  • 380 billion plastic bags are thrown away in America per year (JUST AMERICA!!)
  • Paper bags don?t biodegrade in landfills due to lack of oxygen (So don?t feel good about using paper instead of plastic!  It is just as bad)

Also, I have started refusing plastic bags at smaller stores, because I can normally carry everything out to my car without a bag.  If I do get plastic bags, I pick up Sophie?s poop with them.  That is my form of recycling plastic bags!  :)  Hey, I am sure my neighbors appreciate it!

As I said earlier, my favorite reusable bags are the ones from Whole Foods.  Their bags are only $0.99.  According to Whole Foods’ website:

It can take more than a thousand years for a disposable plastic bag to break down in a landfill. Most reusable bags can be used thousands of times and there are so many reusable bag options! Thousands of customers and Team Members support our Core Value to “care about our communities and the environment.”


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