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Selling Stuff on June 29, 2008

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Last week some friends had a garage sale. I told my husband, Ryan, that I too wanted to sell some stuff. He said I could sell several of his books. After listing his books, I started going through my books and added the ones that worth something that I didn’t want anymore. Then- I couldn’t stop! I started listing gifts that I hadn’t used, bowls that I rarely use, and other random things. Well, the sales started coming in. So far, I have sold a bunch of books and a salad spinner (for $20 — I couldn’t believe I got that much). Right now, Amazon owes us $256. If you have unused stuff laying around, get yourself an account on and start selling. It is so fun!!

Here is a link where explains the whole selling process including shipping.

Amazon will credit your seller account for the amount they estimate the shipping to be. For shipping books, they credit your account for $3.99. Most of the books that I have sold I have shipped media mail and usually it is under 3.99. The stinky part is packaging the book. requires that you mail your packages in a padded envelope. These are $1-$2 depending on the size you get.  I have found that they are the cheapest at Walmart.  If you find them cheaper somewhere else, let me know!

For other items, I make sure that they are selling for enough that I don?t have to worry about losing money on shipping.


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How does the shipping work?

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