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House Progress April 20, 2009

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It is painted inside and outside!!



I really like the way the paint turned out.  It really does pull the gray tones out of the tile on the floor.  The granite will have gray tones as well.  NOW….all I need is one of the paintings at Spa Lux (it would go perfectly in this new house)!!  I am going to drag my husband in there to look at their collection.  I will probably take a few pictures if they will let me.  They are modern paintings that are not too funky and have 10-25 different colors of gray in them.  It would be perfect for above the fireplace!!


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Kaitlin Says:


It looks beautiful! Good job with the house!

Want to know how I found your blog?? haha. I searched for D’Novo, the restaurant, to see if they had a website. Well, a Tulsa food blog posted your blog about the restaurant! I saw at the end of your post that it said Petunia Bloom. So, I followed the link and here I am!!! Funny, eh?

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