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Simplicity February 25, 2008

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embracing-simplicity.jpg“Embracing Simplicity” by Donna Schaper

My aunt sent me this little pamphlet to me along with her Christmas card this year. I have read it and re-read it. It is an excellent little read that will keep life in perspective. The goal of the book is to provide strategies that lead to a life of simplicity. My favorites: #3: Fight Truth Decay, #4: Embrace Joy, #6: Create Rituals, #7: Be a Tough Dove, #10: Hope for Hope, #11: Be an Artist With Your Life.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:

pg 13 – “Every time you hear not enough, say the word plenty. Every time you hear the words I need more, tell yourself that less is more. Challenge the messages that challenge you.”

pg 14 – “Measure your day by how many times you laughed or smiled.”

pg 17 – “Refrain from living by either the praise or the complaints of others. Live from your own belly out.”

pg 19 – “Be rich in health and poor in things, rich in flexibility and poor in stiffness.”


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