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Target Deal June 22, 2008

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My friend Sarah told me about a deal going on at Target today.  It was buy 5 boxes of Kellogs cereal (which some were already on sale) and get a $5 gift card.  Also, I had a coupon for $1 off 3 boxes of General Mills cereal.  Note-all of this sugary cereal is for my husband.  I eat healthy Kashi and Fiber One Cereal.

On the Kellogs Cereal, each box averaged out to be $1.32.  The General Mills cereal averaged $2.81 per box.  With both of my deals (Kellogs and GMs), I averaged $1.88 per box for 8 boxes of cereal.  Sarah is a much better couponer and she averaged $.40 per box on her Kellog cereal.  Go Sarah!  Check her blog out to look at her deals.


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Sarah K Says:

I’m so impressed- I don’t know why she wouldn’t give you the gc or take it off……just have to stay on top of them!
I’ll see ya tomorrow @ 12:30 :)

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