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Recipe Organization March 24, 2008

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After I got married, I started cooking and accumulating recipes.  Some of the recipes were from my mom, some were cut out of magazines, some were my grandma’s, some were from the internet, and some were from cookbooks I had received.  After using the various recipes for close to a year, I knew which ones I liked and which ones I used frequently.  All I needed was a way to organize my favorites!  I found this recipe organizer on the internet.  It is basically a glorified three ring binder, but it is well worth the time and money.  Since it is just a three ring binder, I can print off recipes or make copies of recipes, punch them with a three-hole-punch, and file them under the appropriate tab.  Each tab is also a folder for random recipes that you cut out or find that are awaiting a permanent location.  If you are interested, click here for purchase information.


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