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Michael V’s Restaurant and Bar December 17, 2008

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A Tulsa Food Blog Post

A friend of mine had a dinner held in her honor at Michael V’s Restaurant.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance, and it was the perfect location for her dinner as we were able to sit in a private area in the back of the establishment.  We were told by the hosts of the party that the restaurant had been wonderful to work with and went above and beyond to be accommodating.

For starters, we had Michael’s signature salad.  According to Michael’s website it is, “Mixed greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette and topped with sun-dried cherries and apples, candied pecans and crumbled goat cheese.”  The salad tasted great.  My husband, who says he doesn’t like goat cheese, ate the whole salad including the goat cheese.  My husband and I had the rib-eye steak, and I would have to say it was the best rib-eye steak I have had in Tulsa.  Yes, it is #1 on my list for Tulsa steaks.  I could have done without all the onions and parsley sprinkled all over the plate, but the roasted vegetables looked great and tasted even better.

Our private party had one waiter assigned to our group.  He was super efficient and kept the whole party moving smoothly.  During the “speech time” he even turned off the music so everyone could focus on the person of honor.

After the meal, the chef came out to greet our party and see how the food was.  He was a hoot and a half wearing colorful pajama pants paired with an even more colorful personality and a chef’s jacket on top.

My husband and I will definitely go back to Michael V’s.  Come to think of it, our anniversary is coming up so Michael V’s here we come!


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Mom Says:

Oh how wonderful your new home is going to be. Can’t wait until we are in Tulsa moving you in! It is going to be great fun hauling stuff DOWN THE STAIRS rather than UP the stairs!!! Maybe Dad and I should buy the adjacent condo—-could be my “mother’s quarters?”

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