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Juan Canary Melon August 7, 2008

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Last night at Walmart I was picking up a few items including cantaloupe and honeydew when I spotted something I had never seen before.  It was beside the cantaloupe and honeydew melons and was labeled as a Juan Canary Melon.  It was a bright yellow melon that was larger than both the honeydew melons and the cantaloupe that surrounded it.

Always ready to try something new, I plopped it in my cart.  At home I cut the melon open exactly like a honeydew.  To my delight the melon smelled amazing.  It smelled very sweet like a ripe cantaloupe but the coloring looked more like a honeydew.  I cut it up and tasted it…I must have gotten one that was the perfect ripeness because it smelled delicious and was very very tasty.

What have you tried recently that you have never tried before??


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porsha Says:

I just picked up one from wal-mart last night. I love trying new things. I have never seen or heard about this fruit before. I’m getting ready to eat it for breakfast.

yum, it’s sweet and good like a honeydew melon but sweeter to me. i don’t think I pick good honeydew melons anyway, but this looks like one on the inside.

Wayne Says:

I first had a canary melon in 1998.
Was reduced at the store where I bought it.
I found it to be super sweet, better than any honeydew I recall eating.
I saved the seeds from it, and two year later in Califoring got 3 plants started. 2 got destroyed by a cat. The other survived and produced 8 melons that all got ripe about the same time, except for one I picked a bit too soon.
I need to grow more now that I am in texas and can find a spot to let them spread out.
For best results, leave them on the vine till they slip off by themselves.
If you find one in a store, be sure it has some aroma, and the vine end is healed, which tells you it has slipped…

Hope some of you will enjoy these super delicious melons.

monette Says:

I just bought one at the farmers market, and the gentleman selling them explained the melon. It was great and my grankids loved it

john O'Brien Says:

Years ago in a super market I saw this ugly fruit that appeared to almost
be in a state of decay. Somehow, I felt this horrible looking fruit must have some
redeeming factor. What did I have to lose ? I bought my first o f many , many
more UGLI Fruits The Ugli fruit is so juicy that it must be eaten over the
sink ! It separates like a tangerine. The Ugli Fruit is a hybrid of the Grapefruit
and tangerine. I became “Hooked” on this fantastically tasty fruit. You can’t
judge a book by its cover. Try things ! You have little to lose and perhaps much to
gain. I,of course, love the Canary Melon.

roxana Says:

Honeydews i smell. I find that if it smells sweetish, slightly “green” then its perfect inside as well. If it smells sweet-slightly rotten, either it was next to a rotten one, so i dont buy it, or it is too-ripe, and then its no good either. If it smells “dry” and “green” then its not ripe, and usually doesnt taste good either.
I’ve learnt this way of picking them from my grandfather, who used to have a garden full of them. :) and it works!

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