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Haruno April 13, 2009

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After these comments were made on Tulsa Food Blog, I decided to try Haruno.  It is a new Sushi place but also serves Korean food.  According to Haruno’s website, it is a “Pan-Asia restaurant specializing in Japanese sushi and Korean cuisine.”  The restaurant’s atmosphere had a fine dining feel and look without the formality or price of actual fine dinning.  The restaurant had a room and bar in the back that looked like it would be great for private parties.  The place seemed very clean and our waitress was uberly efficient.



Each meal is served with Miso soup and the salad featured below that had about three dried cranberrys in it and featured a citrus dressing.


The sushi was good.  We ordered several rolls.  These two were my favorites…

If I remember correctly, this is the Sansei Roll:


This was the Haruno Roll.  There is a piece missing.  My husband did feel it necessary to wait on my picture taking.


This was the Fireworks Roll.  In my opinion it was the least impressive.  It was supposed to have fried asparagus in it, and that is why I ordered it but it was smothered in a heavy sauce so I couldn’t see or taste the fried asparagus.  According to the description in the menu, I was expecting a very spicy roll but it didn’t taste spicy to me.


We also ordered a Korean dish to share, because I wanted to experience it all.  We asked the waitress which Korean dish was the most liked.  She recommended the Bulgogi.  It was served with a bowl of rice, lettuce, a sweet sauce, something else I could not identify, and written instructions on how to eat it.  My husband keep referring to it as “the steaming pile of meat.”


It was served on a very pretty plate, but the food itself did not appear real appetizing.  ….and it was steaming.  This was not inedible, but I would not order it again or suggest that you order it.  The flavor was too intense for me.  You don’t hear that very often do you?!  That taste and smell will stay with you for several days, so make sure you like it before making such a commitment!  Next time, I will stick to the sushi which was very good.

Lastly, we received one bowl of green tea ice cream.  It must come with the Korean dishes.

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Person that eats food. Says:

Hello, I had been following the Wasabi comments on Tulsa Food Blog and saw your commments the other day. I almost sent you a note to let me know if you tired Haruno. Then I see this post today.

I am so down on the sushi in Tulsa lately. I am supposed to go to Haruno tomorrow with a friend. I see the Bulogi was not a favorite but were the other 2 rolls (aside from the asparagus one) good?

Take care!

Brian Says:

Awesome post, your blog makes me hungry, YUM YUM!!!! Looks like a good place. That pile of beef look tasty.

Heath Says:

Nice review Petunia! I think you summed the place up well. I agree with you on the sauce. In fact, I ordered it on the side the last time we went. That’s definately the way to go.

Jen Says:

We went to Haruno on Valentine’s Day.
It was after 9 p.m., and it was empty.
They REALLY need to market themselves…especially if they are going to open a THIRD sushi restaurant at 71/Memorial.

They told us they are revamping the menu, and will be doing some renovation. It’s going to be hard for them to survive being that near Asahi and Fuji. Also, I miss Fuji’s old look…the clean, white, traditional. Now it’s just like every other “trendy” sushi restaurant. :( So yeah.

The rolls we had were really, really good. Their contract chef is really good. I don’t know from where he is on loan.

They have a good sake selection…we enjoyed the Haiku sake.
Best wishes to them.

Optoisolator Says:

eating can be considered my hobby he he he. i would really love to visit foods blogs and see some recipes ~-.

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