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Green Peppers Galore April 11, 2008

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No matter where you look these days, you will read about staying healthy.  What does your body need to stay young, live longer, and live better?  Pretty much every reliable source agrees that one must eat a wide variety of healthy foods, drink water, and exercise.

I have always done a fairly good job on the exercise part of the equation and have made it a goal to eat healthier.  Some of the ways I have gone about doing that is adding large servings of vegetables to every meal.  If I brown hamburger, I throw in 1 cup of diced green pepper to brown with the meat.  Diced peppers, in fact, have become my best friend.  You can dice them and add them to about anything.  I have added them to enchiladas, meatloaf, hamburger dishes, and wraps.  They are fairly inexpensive and are a good green vegetable.  In the May 08 addition of Fitness Magazine, it recommends eating one and a half cups of peppers (any color) per day or similar high-fiber vegetables such as raw spinach or broccoli (page 70).  So, now I am using more green peppers in my cooking than ever.

Another way to add vegetables is to shred them and add them.  Feel free to add them to ANYTHING!!  I had some extra zucchini lying around so I shredder one large one very fine and patted it dry with a paper towel (it is pretty moist) and put it all over a pizza I was making.  My husband didn”??t even notice it!  I asked him if he even noticed any zucchini on it, and he said no!

When striving to achieve goals, we all have ups and downs.  I have definitely had ruts since January, when I contrived to start cooking healthier, but I believe I am getting better at coming up with healthy ideas to incorporate into my cooking.  Each small change makes a difference!!

What do you do to eat more vegetables, eat healthier overall, and live healthier???


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Sarah K Says:

I’ve been eating alot of fruit and a thingy of yogurt @ lunch (since I get it free at work) instead of a cookie.

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