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CHECK IT OUT!! April 10, 2008

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Check out The Tulsa Food Blog.  I am a contributor to the blog and have been on a role lately.  The theme: “Tulsa restaurants casually reviewed by normal everyday people who live to eat.”  I don’t like to think that I “live to eat” but I do like to get out and try new places.  If you have gotten in an eating-out-rut check out Tulsa Food Blog to find some new places to try!!

 Below is an article that I wrote for the Tulsa Food Blog:



Before moving to Tulsa, I never dreamed I would consider Sushi one of my favorite foods.  In college my friends took me to In the Raw which is another sushi restaurant in Tulsa.  I liked it, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.  A friend suggested that my husband and I try Asahi.  He told us to definitely try the Spider Roll.

Asahi is located in a very low rent strip shopping mall behind Toys-R-Us on 71st and Memorial.  We were not impressed upon arriving and a bit hesitant to try it.  It was very clean when we got inside so we felt more comfortable.  We ordered Spider Rolls and they were excellent.  As we started eating there more, we started ordering different rolls.  We haven’t had anything that we thought was not good.

My favorite rolls include the Spider Roll (of course), the Asahi Roll #2, the Spicy Salmon Roll, and my all-time favorite is the Unagi Roll.  It is a very spicy roll with a lot of sauce on the top.  It is one of my favorite things to eat.

If you have never eaten Sushi before, I would suggest ordering at least two rolls.  One roll just doesn’t fill me up.  If you are a real sushi fiend, one of the great things about Asahi is they have half-price rolls.  If you order more than three rolls (on an order) there is a part of the menu with half price rolls.  Most of them are about $3 half price.

Asahi’s owners are a cute couple who are almost always at the restaurant overseeing things.  Several times our waiter/waitress has brought us free rolls or other free goodies.  The service is good unless they are very busy.  Then you can expect up to a 40 min wait on your food, which is worth it.  The quality of the rolls could be more consistent, but I have never had anything that didn’t taste good.

Asahi is my favorite place in Tulsa to eat.  It is a restaurant you can’t miss!!


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