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Weekend on the Farm June 21, 2008

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Over the weekend, we took Brian to my parent?s farm in KS.  He is from CA, so he had quite the experience!  I would add more pictures of him, but I forgot my camera in KS.  :(

Here is Brian trying to catch a cow to pet it!  He had to have a beer to do this!

Here is a view of a part of my dad’s feedlot from 85ft up.  Brian, Ryan, and my brother climbed to the top of a harvester to take pictures.

Here is Brian sitting in a tractor pretending to farm!  :)

My mom makes these birerocks every time I am home because they are my absolute favorite.  Has anyone ever heard of them before.  Brian acted like he liked them.  It is homemade bread on the outside with hamburger, sauerkraut, and cheese on the inside.  Yummm!!

I got to have a good friend over while I was home.  This is Ada and I looking just as good as we did in high school!  Right??  Ryan and I are looking forward to going to her wedding in October.  She and her future husband started dating when Ryan and I started dating.

Here is Brian and Sophie on the way home!  Brian is Sophie’s favorite person in the whole world.  She likes him better than the two people who feed her and take care of her.


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