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July 1st July 1, 2008

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Today I had a semi-creative moment. My mom is coming to stay with me for a week, so I am getting busy and getting my office ready for her to stay in. My office has this huge window in it and it faces East (sunrise). Last time my mom stayed the sun was really bright and woke her up way to early. Wanting my mom to sleep later on this visit, so I can sleep later :) , I wanted to figure out a way to cover up the window without spending any money. This is what I came up with. It is a blanket that my mom gave me. How ironic is that? Anyway it is thin enough to fit over the top of blinds and thick enough to shut out the sun. I am hoping this will keep the room cooler as well.

This morning Ryan woke me up and told me I needed to call the Chiropractor because his hands were numb. I laid in bed trying to absorb that information (which I couldn’t) and decided to go back to sleep. Ryan decided to call the Chiropractor himself on his way to work since I didn’t feel the same urgency as he felt! :) Well, the Chiropractor told him to come right on in. They popped his wrists and all was better. Now how weird is that, to go to the Chiropractor so he can pop your wrists. hahahaha….that is my hubby. Apparently he uses his wrists and hands a lot at work…


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Sarah Says:

you’re so thrifty :)

when is your mom coming?

egillette Says:

I think it is the 13th (Sunday night).

B Dawg Says:

Nice!!!!! Ryan, had to go in for a tune up!

Karen Says:

Blocking out the sun will keep the room cooler and help lower your AC bill! I need to get some blackouts for the bedrooms upstairs myself!

Petunia Bloom Says:


I was thinking more about the light than the temperature when I did it, but I have noticed a BIG difference in the temperature in that room. It has made that whole side of my apartment cooler.

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