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More Pictures from the Farm July 20, 2008

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I finally got my camera back.  Here are some of the pictures I took while on the farm.

Here is Brian, Ryan, me, and my Mimi and Pappy.

You can’t beat this.  This is what I grew up on.  I made hamburgers this week for my mom and it tasted so bad to her that she threw it in the garbage disposal when she thought I wasn’t looking…  My parents cook their meat on a Traeger grill.  They are amazing.  Add some home grown beef to it and you are sure to want more.

Ryan and Brian helping to band some bulls.

Okay – That is gross.  I think I am going to call your bluff.

Up close and personal now….

Brian is having second thoughts about trying them.  Is he all talk?

And he decided to just try one or two…

Sophie is very concerned….okay, no she just wants to play ball…


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Sarah Says:

Oh sophie! She does love Brian!

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