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Christmas Pictures 2008 December 21, 2008

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Ryan and I have our couple Christmas pictures tomorrow – Monday.  Although, when we were home for Thanksgiving we had Christmas pictures taken with my family.  My sister told us that the photographer we were going to had very uncomfortable poses.  It turns out, that was an understatement…

Here, I was laying on a wooden bench and the photographer kept telling me to put my head down, in and to the side.  My neck doesn’t even move in all of those directions at once…my neck hurt afterward and in the picture it looks like I have a double chin.  lol


Then the photographer wanted to add Ryan, my husband, to the photo.  I was annoyed I had to stay on that bench longer, and my neck couldn’t hold the same position any longer so it actually looks nice.


This turned out to be my parents Christmas picture.  I think it looks nice, but notice we are kneeling on ROCK!!  Oh my gosh, that hurt!!  I could never be a model.  I am too into my comfort.


I really like this one.



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Trina Says:

Wow, I just had a Olan Mills flash back LOL They turned out nice though.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love comments! :) Yeah I hate to say I have seen more than my share of black widows, for sure!

Brian Says:

You guys look so great! I want one for one of my many empty picture frames at home! :-)

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