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Drop Box February 23, 2009

Filed under: Computer — 4:00 pm

This is my newest favorite computer gadget.

It is so cool.  I can access any of my files from my home computers virtually on any computer with an internet connection.  Also, all of my files are autmotically synced between my home computers.  Meaning, if I write a report for school on my laptop, I can access the file on my desktop and the changes will automatically be made to the laptop file.  This may get cofussing, so gives you ability to view previous versions of the same file.  Best of all, this little ditty is free.  Yes, free up to 2GB.  This has been a lifesaver several times already when I needed to print something from home, but I didn’t have my laptop at school.  Another time, I needed to update a computer project, so I changed the file from a school computer and printed it.


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