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Emmy on the Chase! March 6, 2011

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The Chase from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.


So cute! March 1, 2011

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I hope to have a little girl that teaches Jazzercise this well someday. For one, she is so confident in her cueing. Two, it doesn’t appear that she is receiving any help in performing the routine.

This is just darling.


Who knew an ice cube could be sooooo fun?!? December 30, 2010

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Who Knew an Ice Cube could be so fun from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.

Yes, this makes a total mess…  However, we took an hour walk today.  December 30th – and it 70 degrees outside!!  What a nice treat.


Bath Time for Sophie December 14, 2008

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This is my first video upload.  I did it all by myself without the help of my wonderful, handsome computer geek husband.  I promise, I did it myself.  Ok, so maybe I had a little help…or maybe a lot.  You will never know!!

This is a video of Sophie and her reaction to being told that it is time for bath.  I just love saying “Bath Time” and watching her melt, so I thought I would share.

Sophie bath time from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.

After her bath Sophie runs around, snorts, and rubs her ears on the floor.  Then, I have to comb her hair again…sigh!  She snorts several times in this video, but the volume has to be up fairly high so you can hear her.

Sophie after her bath. from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.

In the background of these two clips you can hear it icing outside.  Little pieces of ice were falling out of the sky.  I took video of that as well, but my voice in the background was too annoying to post…  Anyway, it was 75 degrees here today so it feels very strange to have a snow/ice mixture on the ground after such a warm day.