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My Ride September 14, 2009

Filed under: Vehicle — 3:20 pm

My new ride (for two days) is bringing out my inner country girl….ok, maybe not…  It is probably just the Sirius radio.  It is set to a country station and I don’t know how to change it yet.

This pickup is so quiet inside.  I am super impressed.  It drives just like a car!  It is nothing like my Ford 150, stick shift, plain jane pickup I learned to drive in.


I am driving this because my car has to get a headlight fixed.  Yes, I wish bad things on the engineer that designed the Mercury Montego’s headlights.  It is $300 to change the light without labor, $500 to change the ballast (what the light is fixed into), and $700 without labor for the light assembly (the glass part that contains the light and ballast).  It appears that the light assembly’s seal is corroded ruining the ballast and light.  The ballast is a very very sensitive part.  It can not be touched by anything or it will fail.  It is very annoying paying an upwards of $1500 per year to get a headlight fixed.  Do you think this could have been planned service department job security on the part of Ford?  Everything involving this situation seems unreal.