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Haruno April 13, 2009

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After these comments were made on Tulsa Food Blog, I decided to try Haruno.  It is a new Sushi place but also serves Korean food.  According to Haruno’s website, it is a “Pan-Asia restaurant specializing in Japanese sushi and Korean cuisine.”  The restaurant’s atmosphere had a fine dining feel and look without the formality or price of actual fine dinning.  The restaurant had a room and bar in the back that looked like it would be great for private parties.  The place seemed very clean and our waitress was uberly efficient.



Each meal is served with Miso soup and the salad featured below that had about three dried cranberrys in it and featured a citrus dressing.


The sushi was good.  We ordered several rolls.  These two were my favorites…

If I remember correctly, this is the Sansei Roll:


This was the Haruno Roll.  There is a piece missing.  My husband did feel it necessary to wait on my picture taking.


This was the Fireworks Roll.  In my opinion it was the least impressive.  It was supposed to have fried asparagus in it, and that is why I ordered it but it was smothered in a heavy sauce so I couldn’t see or taste the fried asparagus.  According to the description in the menu, I was expecting a very spicy roll but it didn’t taste spicy to me.


We also ordered a Korean dish to share, because I wanted to experience it all.  We asked the waitress which Korean dish was the most liked.  She recommended the Bulgogi.  It was served with a bowl of rice, lettuce, a sweet sauce, something else I could not identify, and written instructions on how to eat it.  My husband keep referring to it as “the steaming pile of meat.”


It was served on a very pretty plate, but the food itself did not appear real appetizing.  ….and it was steaming.  This was not inedible, but I would not order it again or suggest that you order it.  The flavor was too intense for me.  You don’t hear that very often do you?!  That taste and smell will stay with you for several days, so make sure you like it before making such a commitment!  Next time, I will stick to the sushi which was very good.

Lastly, we received one bowl of green tea ice cream.  It must come with the Korean dishes.

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Louie’s Grill and Bar December 22, 2008

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A post I wrote for Tulsa Food Blog:

Louie?s Grill and Bar will not disappoint in the area of hamburgers.  There were three different people at our table with three different hamburgers and they were all good.  Good enough for me to go back and order another one!

The fries were shoestring style, which are my favorite.

Here is a picture of the All American Cheeseburger w/o onions:

The ketchup on there was added by me.


We ordered fried pickles as an appetizer and, surprisingly, I liked them!  They were served with ranch and wasabi ranch sauce.


Also, I hear the Guinness is very good?

6301 E. 101st Street South
Tulsa, OK

(918) 298-5777
Call for To Go orders!


Michael V’s Restaurant and Bar December 17, 2008

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A Tulsa Food Blog Post

A friend of mine had a dinner held in her honor at Michael V’s Restaurant.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance, and it was the perfect location for her dinner as we were able to sit in a private area in the back of the establishment.  We were told by the hosts of the party that the restaurant had been wonderful to work with and went above and beyond to be accommodating.

For starters, we had Michael’s signature salad.  According to Michael’s website it is, “Mixed greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette and topped with sun-dried cherries and apples, candied pecans and crumbled goat cheese.”  The salad tasted great.  My husband, who says he doesn’t like goat cheese, ate the whole salad including the goat cheese.  My husband and I had the rib-eye steak, and I would have to say it was the best rib-eye steak I have had in Tulsa.  Yes, it is #1 on my list for Tulsa steaks.  I could have done without all the onions and parsley sprinkled all over the plate, but the roasted vegetables looked great and tasted even better.

Our private party had one waiter assigned to our group.  He was super efficient and kept the whole party moving smoothly.  During the “speech time” he even turned off the music so everyone could focus on the person of honor.

After the meal, the chef came out to greet our party and see how the food was.  He was a hoot and a half wearing colorful pajama pants paired with an even more colorful personality and a chef’s jacket on top.

My husband and I will definitely go back to Michael V’s.  Come to think of it, our anniversary is coming up so Michael V’s here we come!


D’Novo Lean Gourmet – New Tulsa Treat October 21, 2008

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My husband and I went to a new restaurant in Tulsa called D’Novo Lean Gourmet.  The whole point of the restaurant is to provide gourmet food without the calories.  Each meal is supposed to be under 500 calories, which isn’t too bad considering some of the smoothies sold at Jamba Juice have over 1,000 calories.

The restaurant is located at 61st and Yale where The Market used to be.  It is a nice shopping center, and D’Novo seemed to have an excellent image.  To get inside the restaurant one has to walk through the outside eating area, which is beautiful.  Check it out below…

Now that I look back at them, my pictures don’t really do it justice.  You all can just use these and then imagine.  :)

In the entrance to the restaurant is a waterfall on the left which is very pretty.  The whole restaurant is white it seems.  The booths are white; the walls are white, like I said everything is white.  I don’t know how they are going to maintain the white booths or the white walls.  It seems like they would get dirty so fast.  Well, that is their problem to worry about.  On to the food.

I ordered chicken with ratatouille pasta.  The chicken was wonderful.  I thought it would be too dry, but to my amazement it wasn’t.  It was great.  It was served with whole wheat pasta which definitely needed some more vegetables added it to it for the price tag.

My husband ordered a sirloin burger which was served as a wrap.  His meal came with a salad.

Next time we go, I will have the Sirloin Burger as well.  It was very very good.

Overall, I was pleased with the atmosphere and food at D’Nono.  The man who took our order wasn’t the most friendly crayon in the box, but he seemed efficient enough.  I was surprised at how quickly our food was delivered to our table.  My husband and I will definitely go back to D’Nono and I would recommend it.

The restaurant is filled with chandeliers.  My phone didn’t do a good job at capturing their brilliance, but you get the idea.


Lanna Thai September 29, 2008

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Every once in a while I get a hankering for Thai food.  Why?  Who knows…considering I am a farm girl from Kansas.  Anyway, when this rare craving gets the best of me, I make my husband take me to Lanna Thai on Memorial and 71st.  It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but the inside is large and nice.  It is cleaner than most Asia eateries and boasts live music on weekends.  We have never been for the music, but I have heard that it is good.  Usually I order fried rice but this time I ordered Pad Thai.  It was wonderful.  The portions are huge, the food is great, the service is good, and the bathrooms are always clean (at least when I have been there).  What more could one want??