Petunia Bloom


Spring Flowers April 8, 2010

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After being told I had a black thumb one too many times, I decided to go all out this year.  Something has to survive….right??  As soon as the dirt work in my backyard is finished, I will probably plant more back there as well.

The front

The back –
I was told that this plant is almost impossible to kill.  And if it does die, water it and it will come back to life.

So pretty and delicate looking

Gerbera Daisies I was talked into buying…

I love love love hydrangeas, so I hope this little bush does very well.  And if it doesn’t live for a year, I was told at Lowes that I could get a refund.  Plant insurance — who would have thunk it??


Trip to Branson November 29, 2009

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We recently went on a trip to Branson and stayed at Chateau on the Lake.  It was beautiful.  We took Sophie and received two offers buy her!


I love foggy mornings.



Our room was upgraded to a King Suite with a lake view which is $100/night more than we actually paid.


Here is the hotel’s marina which does not seem very busy on a cold fall morning.


There are quaint spots all over the hotel grounds.


Sophie – the poodle.



A Table Set for Four September 18, 2009

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I got to use my china for the first time.  It was so fun pulling it all out and setting a table with such beautiful china.




I couldn’t find any candles to float so I dropped in some flowers from a bouquet I had.


March Snow March 28, 2009

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This is what it did today in Tulsa.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 55 degrees.  Crazy!


Our New House February 2, 2009

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Here are some pictures taken last week of the progress on our house being built.  They have the walls up now!  Yay!!  These pictures were taken just after the foundation was done.  We were told that even with the recent ice storm, they are ahead of schedule.


The morning I took these photos, I had walked up from the apartment complex.  As I was walking I saw a man facing the road from a distance, and I couldn’t figure out what we was doing.  He happend to look up, see me, and proceed to act incredibly suprised.  He almost jumped.  It was then that I realized he was urinating!!  He acted like he didn’t know what to do, so he turned towards one of the houses being built.  When he was finished with his job, he zipped up faster than lightening, and ran back inside.  LOL  Urinating in the middle of the city, facing the road…REALLY??