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Spring Break – more video from my camera…. March 29, 2009

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Here are two more videos of the Show Choir.

Guy Song from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.

Below:  Jazz Choir within the Show Choir.

Jazz Choir from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.


Spring Break

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We went to Branson, MO to see my sister sing during her Spring Break.


Here is my husband, me, my sister’s friend – Tanner, my sister, and my Mimi.

Their show choir performed two nights in a row as the opening act.  The first night was great!! We got video of it.  The second night was very good, but they all seemed tired.  I’m sure they didn’t get a whole lot of  sleep while they were there.


Same group….my Mom instead of Mimi at the right side.


I could have used a little more make-up!!!

Here is video of my sister and her partner singing and dancing to a song that I did when I was in Show Choir!!

Jump Jive from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.


Sophie enjoyed a chocolate-covered raisin! March 28, 2009

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Here is Sophie feeling tall on a mattress we had propped up on a wall!!100_0496

This week Sophie supposedly ate a chocolate covered raisin.  I did not see it with my own eyes, but my neighbor children said they saw Sophie eat it!  Raisins are very toxic to dogs.  Some dogs are immune, but you should never give you dog raisins or grapes.  And as you all know, dogs are not supposed to have chocolate.  I didn’t want to alarm my neighbors, so I played it off like it was no big deal.  When I got home, Sophie appeared fine but I decided to call the vet just in case.  I called the vet, and he said she should be fine if it was just one.  They told me to bring her in should she start vomiting, acting lathragic, or not acting like herself.

As you can tell, she survived…and enjoying life…a little too much…



Michael V’s Restaurant and Bar December 17, 2008

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A Tulsa Food Blog Post

A friend of mine had a dinner held in her honor at Michael V’s Restaurant.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance, and it was the perfect location for her dinner as we were able to sit in a private area in the back of the establishment.  We were told by the hosts of the party that the restaurant had been wonderful to work with and went above and beyond to be accommodating.

For starters, we had Michael’s signature salad.  According to Michael’s website it is, “Mixed greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette and topped with sun-dried cherries and apples, candied pecans and crumbled goat cheese.”  The salad tasted great.  My husband, who says he doesn’t like goat cheese, ate the whole salad including the goat cheese.  My husband and I had the rib-eye steak, and I would have to say it was the best rib-eye steak I have had in Tulsa.  Yes, it is #1 on my list for Tulsa steaks.  I could have done without all the onions and parsley sprinkled all over the plate, but the roasted vegetables looked great and tasted even better.

Our private party had one waiter assigned to our group.  He was super efficient and kept the whole party moving smoothly.  During the “speech time” he even turned off the music so everyone could focus on the person of honor.

After the meal, the chef came out to greet our party and see how the food was.  He was a hoot and a half wearing colorful pajama pants paired with an even more colorful personality and a chef’s jacket on top.

My husband and I will definitely go back to Michael V’s.  Come to think of it, our anniversary is coming up so Michael V’s here we come!


Starbucks Sin… November 19, 2008

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Tonight my hubby and I went for a cup of joe at Starbucks.  I thought I would try something new, so I got a Tall Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate with a shot of espresso in it.  When I got home I looked up on line the nutritional information:

For my tall drink made with non-fat milk and no whip:

  • Fat:  15
  • Calories:  360
  • Protein:  11
  • Sugar:  46

Oh my gosh!!  How could this have so much fat it?  I can understand the sugar, but 15 grams of fat!!!

I pulled that picture off of  Doesn’t it look pretty?!  Don’t be fooled!!  They are sinful.
Next time, I will stick to my regular:  Caffe Latte (Tall, non-fat, no whip, no foam)

  • Fat:  0
  • Calories:  100
  • Protein:  10
  • Sugar:  14