Petunia Bloom


Goofy Sophie September 8, 2011

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Because our dogs drink so much water, I thought it would be a good idea to get a water container for the dogs that didn’t have to be filled so often.  Emmy thought it was great and Sophie was scared of it…


Sophie and Water Bowel – Long Version from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.

Sophie and Water Bowel – Short Version from Petunia Bloom on Vimeo.


Lives are about to change… September 4, 2011

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These little brats have two more weeks of the good life until a new baby shows up on the scene.  All of our lives will drastically change once baby Emilee arrives around Sept 21st.

It will be so interesting to see how they react to the new baby.

It might not be good….

It might be strange….

Hopefully not this strange!!  LOL  What were we thinking with this haircut??!?!?

Either way, we will let you know!