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Going Green September 17, 2009

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It is so annoying having to spend money on paper products.  Paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper, paper, paper, paper, paper…..   ANYWAY, I stopped using paper towels to clean with.  I don’t even use paper towels to clean the glass and mirrors in my house.  A soft towel works even better.

Also, I bought several cloth napkins so I don’t need to buy/use paper napkins.  I bought them on sale at JCPenny.  They were 75% off (about $0.75/napkin).  It is actually very nice using cloth napkins.  It feels as if your eating at a restaurant.

I think I will keep buying toilet paper…  My husband might move away if I stop buying it.  LOL


Free or Almost Free March 28, 2009

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I have been couponing for several months now.  There are good weeks and bad weeks.  One Frugal Chick got me started.  I read Money Saving Mom everyday and several other blogs that help me find good deals for things that I use.  This week was a good week.  Here is what I got for free or almost free:


The three baguettes were free.  The Hunts tomato sauce was 15 cents/can, the ribeye steak was free and the two T-Bone steaks were $1 each.

I am off to make French Toast Bake with one of my baguettes.


Coupon Find! November 18, 2008

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It is a rarity that I find a good coupon or deal on my own, but it happened last week!  I got a Target magazine in the mail.  As I was looking through it, I felt something on the back.  Much to my delight, it was a coupon!!  It was for $10 off $100 purchase.  Because my purchases are usually less that $100, I used a whole bunch of coupons that I had been saving up and bought lots of household items.  All together I used $20 worth of coupons.

If you get a Target Christmas magazine in the mail don’t throw it away!  Get the coupon….and then recycle the magazine!


Blueberry Pound Cake November 17, 2008

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Go to and print out the recipe for Blueberry Pound Cake.  It was the most moist pound cake I have ever had!  It had a dipping sauce to go with it.  Normally, I would never make the sauce to go with a recipe but I was feeling happy and went ahead and made the sauce.  Yum…Yum…  It was worth it, and my guests loved the sauce!  The secret ingredient:  2 6oz cartons of yogurt

Before you make this recipe, go here and sign up to recieve a coupon for buy one, get one free of Rachel’s Yogurt.  I am not sure why, but I received two of these coupons in the mail.