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Louie’s Grill and Bar December 22, 2008

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A post I wrote for Tulsa Food Blog:

Louie?s Grill and Bar will not disappoint in the area of hamburgers.  There were three different people at our table with three different hamburgers and they were all good.  Good enough for me to go back and order another one!

The fries were shoestring style, which are my favorite.

Here is a picture of the All American Cheeseburger w/o onions:

The ketchup on there was added by me.


We ordered fried pickles as an appetizer and, surprisingly, I liked them!  They were served with ranch and wasabi ranch sauce.


Also, I hear the Guinness is very good?

6301 E. 101st Street South
Tulsa, OK

(918) 298-5777
Call for To Go orders!


Christmas Pictures 2008 December 21, 2008

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Ryan and I have our couple Christmas pictures tomorrow – Monday.  Although, when we were home for Thanksgiving we had Christmas pictures taken with my family.  My sister told us that the photographer we were going to had very uncomfortable poses.  It turns out, that was an understatement…

Here, I was laying on a wooden bench and the photographer kept telling me to put my head down, in and to the side.  My neck doesn’t even move in all of those directions at once…my neck hurt afterward and in the picture it looks like I have a double chin.  lol


Then the photographer wanted to add Ryan, my husband, to the photo.  I was annoyed I had to stay on that bench longer, and my neck couldn’t hold the same position any longer so it actually looks nice.


This turned out to be my parents Christmas picture.  I think it looks nice, but notice we are kneeling on ROCK!!  Oh my gosh, that hurt!!  I could never be a model.  I am too into my comfort.


I really like this one.



Born to be an aerobics instructor! December 17, 2008

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My mom and me 22 years ago…

The outfits have kind of changed since then!


Michael V’s Restaurant and Bar

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A Tulsa Food Blog Post

A friend of mine had a dinner held in her honor at Michael V’s Restaurant.  The restaurant had a nice ambiance, and it was the perfect location for her dinner as we were able to sit in a private area in the back of the establishment.  We were told by the hosts of the party that the restaurant had been wonderful to work with and went above and beyond to be accommodating.

For starters, we had Michael’s signature salad.  According to Michael’s website it is, “Mixed greens tossed with raspberry vinaigrette and topped with sun-dried cherries and apples, candied pecans and crumbled goat cheese.”  The salad tasted great.  My husband, who says he doesn’t like goat cheese, ate the whole salad including the goat cheese.  My husband and I had the rib-eye steak, and I would have to say it was the best rib-eye steak I have had in Tulsa.  Yes, it is #1 on my list for Tulsa steaks.  I could have done without all the onions and parsley sprinkled all over the plate, but the roasted vegetables looked great and tasted even better.

Our private party had one waiter assigned to our group.  He was super efficient and kept the whole party moving smoothly.  During the “speech time” he even turned off the music so everyone could focus on the person of honor.

After the meal, the chef came out to greet our party and see how the food was.  He was a hoot and a half wearing colorful pajama pants paired with an even more colorful personality and a chef’s jacket on top.

My husband and I will definitely go back to Michael V’s.  Come to think of it, our anniversary is coming up so Michael V’s here we come!


Pecan Tea Balls December 16, 2008

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My husband wanted to take small gifts to work for Christmas, so he ordered to me to make cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels.  I told him I would make cookies, but we could buy the chocolate dipped pretzels at Target.

My grandma always makes Pecan Tea Balls at Christmas time, so that is what I made using the recipe she always uses.

1c. Butter
1c. Chopped Pecans
2c. Flour
1/4c. Sugar
2t vanilla
1/2 bag Powdered Sugar

Mix together all the ingredients.  Roll into balls the size of a marble.  Bake 350 degrees for 20 mins.  While hot, roll in powder sugar.  Roll in powder sugar again when cooled.  This will make around 27 cookies.  Mine were bigger than marbles, so you could probably get more than 27 out of a batch.  I almost always double the recipe, because these keep very well.

I used the wax paper for easy clean-up, but it is definitely not needed.

These cooled very quickly by my drafty window which was good since I wanted to bag them right away.

Here they are bagged with one chocolate-dipped pretzel each (that I didn’t have to make!).  I was pleased with how they turned out, and they should be well-received.  If not, I will never know.