Petunia Bloom July 22, 2008

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This past week, my mom came to visit and we rode our bikes a lot.  One day we rode all the way to the Jenks pedestrian bridge.  Another day we rode all the way past Broken Arrow on the Creek.  Anway, we wanted to know exactly how far we had ridden.  I found this site called that allows one to map the exact distance of a bike ride.  If you ride bikes, check out this site.  It is very helpful in earning bragging rights….  :)  A word of advice:  if you plan to take a 20+ mile ride, do not ride in the middle of the afternoon.  That is what my mom and I did and I got Heat Exhaustions which is not fun at all.

Here is the Jenks Pedestrian Bridge that we rode across.

This sign has some graffiti on it now.

This part of the trail is nice as it is shaded!!



Spelt Bread July 21, 2008

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If you will remember I made spelt bread not very long ago.  Well I found out that Great Harvest sells spelt bread so I went in with my mom this week to try it.  The verdict:  mine is way better.  Mine is probably not as good for you as I use sugar and they don’t, but mine is way better.


More Pictures from the Farm July 20, 2008

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I finally got my camera back.  Here are some of the pictures I took while on the farm.

Here is Brian, Ryan, me, and my Mimi and Pappy.

You can’t beat this.  This is what I grew up on.  I made hamburgers this week for my mom and it tasted so bad to her that she threw it in the garbage disposal when she thought I wasn’t looking…  My parents cook their meat on a Traeger grill.  They are amazing.  Add some home grown beef to it and you are sure to want more.

Ryan and Brian helping to band some bulls.

Okay – That is gross.  I think I am going to call your bluff.

Up close and personal now….

Brian is having second thoughts about trying them.  Is he all talk?

And he decided to just try one or two…

Sophie is very concerned….okay, no she just wants to play ball…


Espresso Glasses July 10, 2008

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Yesterday I was still bummed about breaking my espresso shot glasses.  Ryan wanted me to run to Starbucks and get him a little afternoon treat.  I went to the location on Memorial and 71st.  When I went through the drive-through I ordered and then asked if they sold espresso shot glasses.  The employee said they would check.  When I pulled up to the window, a man peeked his head out holding an espresso shot glass that they use in the store and claimed they didn’t sell any retail but they would sell me some the use in their store.  I asked how much, and he said $1 per glass.  OMG–First of all, that was the type of glass I wanted in the first place; Second of all, if you are to buy espresso shot glasses anywhere else for retail you are likely to pay around $10.  I was so excited!!  That is what I should have done in the first place- try to buy them from Starbucks.  FYI if you make espresso at home!


Spelt Flour July 5, 2008

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Today I got hungry for some fresh bread – more specifically Great Harvest bread.  If you have not been to Great Harvest Bread Company in Tulsa and you like fresh bread, you are missing out.  They mill their flour every morning and use all whole wheat flour.  Anyway, I had a buy one get one free coupon and was so excited to get some fresh bread.  Before I went I made sure that they would be open since it is a holiday weekend.  The website said the store would be open on Saturday.  Well, when I got there they were closed.  I was so bummed, so I went home and decided to make my own homemade bread.  My mom gave me some organic whole spelt flour a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to make organic whole spelt bread.  I didn’t have a recipe for spelt bread so I used my recipe for white bread.  So, it was all kind of an experiment.  After making the dough, I decided to taste it  ;) .  Yes, I always taste my bread dough which is probably weird and not healthy but what the heck.  Anyway, it was soooo good.  It had a great flavor and a very similar texture to my regular white bread.  It baked very nice and it tasted wonderful.  I made two loaves and one pan of cinnamon rolls.

Spelt flour is supposed to be better for you.  It is typically organic because it has a short growing cycle and doesn’t usually need to be sprayed for bugs or weeds.  It is supposed to contain more vitamins, fiber, and protein than regular white flour and also whole-wheat flour.  I used whole spelt flour, but my mom said she usually uses white spelt flour.  Yesterday she made bread out of white spelt flour and my brother thought it was Sara Lee.  lol

I would have taken pictures, but my poor camera is in Kansas.  Last summer I left my camera in San Antonio -Ryan was NOT happy (It was actually his expensive camera he had before we were married).  This summer I left our new expensive camera at my mom’s house -Ryan was not happy.  Luckily, we will get it back this summer.  Then when I was making the bread today I tried to move our espresso machine with the shot glasses on it to another counter….not good.  One of the espresso shot glasses fell and broke into a million pieces.  Sophie was on the situation ASAP unfortunately.  No she didn’t eat any, but she did want to help pick up.  After I swept the floor twice she went right over to two pieces I missed and looked at me, so I swept again and once again -Ryan was not happy.  Feeling like a failure of a wife, I finished with the bread.  When I pulled the beautiful loaves of organic spelt flour bread out of the oven and my kitchen was filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread -Ryan was very happy.